Leavenworth Rockfest Clinics 

Leavenworth Rockfest Clinics 3
Rockfest 2016 Clinics

Location: Parking Lot behind Barney's Rubble in Icicle Canyon

Date & Time:
  • 9 am - noon: Morning Clinics
  • 1-4 pm: Afternoon Clinics

$35 per climber (pre-register price)
$40 per climber (day of registration)

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We have a great line-up of clinics for this year's event. Each clinic focuses on an aspect of climbing that can be learned in 3 hours and is presented by an expert on that topic. Participants are encouraged to pre-register as space is limited.

Beginning Climbing (ages 16+): AM & PM 

Geared toward new climbers or people climbing outside for the first time, this will cover belaying, tying into the climbing rope, and will introduce you to crack and face climbing technique. All routes are top-roped and shoes, harnesses, and helmets are provided. No previous climbing experience is required. Will also be of interest to those with gym climbing experience that have not had many opportunities to climb outside.
Presented By: Mountain Gear

Beginning Climbing (under 16): AM & PM 

This follows the same format as the adult version of the clinic, but is geared toward younger climbers. Will require parent/guardian signature for participation and for a parent to be present if participants are under the age of 12.
Presented By: Northwest Mountain School

Efficient Descent & Rappels: PM Only 

Getting to the top is only half of the climbing equation. Often times, getting down is the most dangerous part of climbing and depending on the climb, can require multiple rappels. Learn some basic techniques and strategies to manage descending safely and efficiently; these are skills all competent climbers should know
Presented by: Northwest Mountain School

Improvised Rock Rescue: AM Only 

What would you do if belaying a lead climber and they fell and were injured? This clinic overs things like how to escape the belay? How to raise and lower climbers and how to provide assistance on rappel. Participants should be familiar with building solid anchors, belaying, and the basics of rock climbing
Presented By: Northwest Mountain School and Chelan County Search and Rescue

Multi-pitch Anchors: AM & PM 

Speed is safety in the mountains and on rock climbs. Inefficient technique can be the difference between an uneventful night and being benighted on a route. With the advent of new gear, technique has followed suit. Learn the basics of setting gear anchors and the latest in belay transition techniques.
Presented By: Petzl & Black Diamond

Performance Bouldering Technique with Jessica Campbell: AM & PM 

Jess Campbell is one of Leavenworth's local bouldering Divas and a Scarpa athlete and this is an opportunity to hone your technique with a local that has the beta wired. Join her for some time on the rock and learn some of the technique that helps her climb as well as she does.
Presented By: Scarpa

How to Register for Clinics 

Participants are encouraged to pre-register for the clinic or clinics that they would like to attend. Registration requires full payment and the payment is non-refundable. The cost if pre-registering for your clinic is $35 per person. Registration will remain open until Thursday May 5, at 5 pm.

Day of Event Registration:
If space remains on the a clinic that you have not registered for, you may register on the day of the event. The cost for on-site registrations will be $40. The online system will no longer accept registrations after Thursday June 11 at 5 pm, so if you would like to try for a last minute spot, come to the Northwest Mountain School booth in the parking lot behind Barney's Rubble 45 minutes before the clinic start time and we will get you signed up.

Clinic Schedule ~ Saturday May 7th, 2016 

  • 8:30 am: Check-in for morning clinics and/or bouldering competition by the US Forest Service kiosk in the parking area behind Barney's Rubble. All morning clinics will start promptly at 9:00 am, so arrive early to make sure you have time to register, pack, and get oriented. Coffee and light snacks will be available.
  • 9 am - noon: Morning Clinics will take place within walking distance of the parking area.
  • 12:30 pm: Check-in for afternoon clinics. You may also check-in for the afternoon clinics from before noon
  • 1 pm - 4 pm: Afternoon clinics will take place within walking distance of the parking area

Pre-Clinic Information 

Arrive on Time: All clinics will start on time, so give yourself plenty of time to get checked-in, organize your gear, and meet your instructor. We recommend arriving at the parking area behind Bruce's Boulder and Barney's Rubble in Icicle Creek Canyon no later than 45 minutes before your clinic's scheduled start time.

What to bring:  

For all clinics: You will want to bring a small backpack, comfortable clothing suitable for the day's weather, snack food, water, sunscreen, shoes you can hike in, sunglasses, any any personal climbing gear relevant to the clinic you are taking. For the basic climbing clinics we will provide harnesses, helmets, and climbing shoes.

For the bouldering clinic: Bring the items listed above and a bouldering pad if you own one.

For the rock rescue clinic: You will not need ropes, but your should bring any personal climbing gear that you would like to use such s rack, harness, helmet, belay device, prussic's, cordelette, locking and non-locking carabiners. Ideally you will own a hands-free belay device such as the Petzl Reverso 4, or the Black Diamond Guide ATC or a comparable device.

For multi-pitch anchors clinic: Bring your usual personal climbing gear. At all clinics the instructor will have some relevant climbing equipment that can be borrowed for the clinic if needed.

For the Efficient Descent & Rappels Clinic: Bring your usual kit for climbing multi-pitch rock routes. We will have ropes.

All ropes will be provided. Feel free to call the Northwest Mountain School at 509-548-5823 with any questions about clinics.

Rockfest is run under a special use permit with the USFS held by the American Alpine Club. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities and is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

This program takes place on US Forest Service lands under a commercial-outfitter and guide permit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs & activities and is an equal opportunity provider and employer.