Red Rocks Women's Climbing Seminar 

Red Rocks Women's Climbing Seminar

Trip: Red Rocks Women's Climbing Seminar

Location: Red Rocks National Conservation Area, NV

2022 Dates:
  • Crag Session: TBD
  • Multi-Pitch Session: TBD

  • Session 1: $400
  • Session 2: $630
  • 2 Session Package: $925

Note*: Private All Women's Climbs available on a daily basis if you prefer. See our regular Red Rocks Climbing Program for these rates.

Cost Includes
Guide fee, guide's expenses, group climbing equipment and camping gear.
Cost Does Not Include
Transportation to/from the course area, personal food, personal climbing equipment, camping fees (optional).

Client to Guide Ratio: up to 3:1

Registration: Online Registration

Expedition PDFs 

Equipment List ยป

We are very excited to have received one of a very limited number of 2018 climbing permits for guiding in the Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area, located just outside Las Vegas, NV. Olivia received her AMGA Rock Guide certifications at Red Rocks, and is very familiar with the mind blowing opportunities for sport climbing, trad climbing, and multi-pitch climbing available at Red Rocks. She will be hiring additional female guides to assist her for this program.

This year's program will be structured as 2 separate 2-day programs, the first session focusing on clinic style training at cragging venue and the second focused primarily on multi-pitch climbing. If you don't feel quite ready for the multi-pitch session take both and use the first session to hone your skill set. Alternately either section can be taken by itself, giving you the chance for a quick 2-day trip to Vegas to sample some of the excellent fall climbing.

Red Rocks is very unique for a sandstone climbing area because the rock is very highly featured and remarkable strong for sandstone. This creates long, moderate climbs with a plethora of holds and gives you the opportunity to climb some walls that would be very difficult in other areas of a similar size.

Located just on the edge of Las Vegas, Red Rocks might be the only place in the US where you can climb a long route each day and spend the evenings in the comfort of a posh hotel while enjoying some of the best dining in the United States. Our permit is valid for just this one year, so don't miss the opportunity to join us for this rare all women's program in Red Rocks


Day 1 (Crag Session): Group will meet at 8 am and head to a sport climbing area for cragging and clinics focused on climbing technique and all the technical systems needed for sport climbing including the current thinking on belaying, anchor construction and threading, both sport and trad climbing. This takes place at a sport crag.

Day 2 (Crag Session): This builds on the day before, but takes place at a trad crag and is more focused on multi-pitch efficiency, lays out how to make quick transitions on a multi-pitch route, and goes over systems for descending such as pre-rigged rappelling, and gear placement and removal.

Day 3 (Multi-Pitch): For the second session we drop the ratio to 2:1 and groups head out for one of Red Rock's classic multi-pitch moderates.

Day 4 (Multi-Pitch): Day 2 of the second session will again be run at a 2:1 ratio and will focus on climbing a second multi-pitch route.

Red Rocks Women's Climbing Seminar - Moderate Routes 

*note, these route lists are not complete, they just give you an idea of the range of options available at a spot as immense as Red Rocks.
  • Solar Slab Gulley (5.3 - 5P) - Oak Creek Canyon
  • Cat in the hat (5.6 - 5P) - Pine Creek Canyon
  • Solar Slab (5.6 - 9P) - Oak Creek Canyon
  • Johnny Vegas (5.7 - 4P) - Oak Creek Canyon
  • Olive Oil (5.7 - 7P) - Juniper Canyon
  • Geronimo (5.7 - 5P) - Juniper Canyon
  • Tunnel Vision (5.7 - 6P) Angel Food Wall
  • Group Therapy (5.7 - 6P) Angel Food Wall

Red Rocks Women's Climbing Seminar - Advanced Routes 

  • The Great Red Book (5.8 - 2P) Calico Hills
  • Dark Shadows (5.8 - 4P) - Pine Creek Canyon
  • Varnishing Point (5.8+ - 2P) - Pine Creek Canyon
  • Community Pillar (5.9 - 7P) - Pine Creek Canyon
  • Crimson Crysalis (5.8 - 9P) - Juniper Canyon
  • Ginger Cracks (5.9 - 7P) - Juniper Canyon
  • Beulah's Book (5.9- - 4P) - Oak Creek Canyon
  • Black Orpheus (5.10a - 11P) Black Orpheus Wall
  • Frogland (5.8 - 6P) Black Velvet Canyon
  • Dream of Wild Turkeys (5.10a - 11P) - Black Velvet Canyon

Red Rocks Women's Climbing Seminar - Difficult Routes 

  • Epinephrine (5.9 - 18P)
  • Sour Mash (5.10a - 7P) - Black Velvet Canyon
  • The Gobbler (5.10a - 3P) - Black Velvet Canyon
  • Y2K (5.10b - 4P) Pine Creek Canyon

Red Rocks Women's Climbing Seminar - Single Pitch Sport Areas 

The Gallery - Second Pullout 

  • Sport Climbing in Neither (5.8)
  • Buck's Muscle World (5.9)
  • Gelatin Pooch (5.10a)
  • Pump first, pay later (5.10b)
  • Running Amuck (5.10c)
  • Range of Motion (5.10d)
  • Gridlock (5.11b)

Magic Bus - Second Pullout 

  • Neon Sunset (5.8)
  • Blonde Dwarf (5.9)
  • Electric Koolaid (5.9)

Single Pitch Trad Areas - Red Rocks Women's Climbing Seminar 

Ragged Edges Area - Willow Spring 

  • Tonto (5.5)
  • Ragged Edges (5.8)
  • Black Track (5.9)
  • Left Out (5.10d)

Brass Wall - Pine Creek Canyon  

  • Heavy Spider Karma (5.6)
  • Sniveler (5.6)
  • Topless Twins (5.9)
  • Straight Shooter (5.9+)

Alcohol Wall - First Creek Canyon 

  • Romper Room (5.7)
  • Doobie Dance (5.6)

Other programs available 

If these dates do not work out for you and you have another group of women interested in a different format or different dates, we can likely accommodate you. Visit our regular Red Rocks Climbing Program page for details.

Accommodations at Red Rocks 

Olivia will have a group campsite reserved out near the park for those that do not want the additional expense of an hotel. If you would like to stay at a hotel we would recommend either the Red Rock Casino and Resort (spendy, but lavish), the Suncoast if you are looking for a better price, or the La Quinta on West Sahara if you just want quiet and value. There are dozens of other options in all price ranges if these four options are not what you are looking for. We recommend trying to stay on the West side of town as these places are closest to the park.

Food during the seminar 

Again the options for obtaining food are limitless in the Las Vegas. Charletston is the main street that runs from town out to the park. On the West end of Charleston there is a Whole Foods, and several other good grocery stores where people can pick up lunch and snack food. While we generally cook group meals at the campground on the Joshua Tree Women's Climbing Seminar, on this trip we will plan to eat out most nights at various favorites near the climbing area. For those that prefer to cook their own meals we will have cooking equipment set up at the campground. Those staying in hotels can grab meals there in the morning, and Olivia will be putting together a simple breakfast of cereal, fresh fruit, juice, coffee, and muffins at the camp ground each morning.


No previous climbing experience is required, but climbers will be grouped by experience and route preference to maximize everyone's enjoyment of the trip. Please contact Olivia directly at 509-548-5823 to discuss the program.


To register for this course you should complete our domestic climbing application and return it to the Northwest Mountain School office. You can secure your course with a credit card by phone, but we must then obtain your completed application within 7 days. Feel free to call us at 509-548-5823 to discuss the trip. More registration details here.