Red Rocks Climbing Guides and Instruction 

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Guided Rock Climbing - Red Rocks, NV

Trip: Red Rocks Climbing Programs

Course: Red Rocks, NV

2022 Dates:
  • 2022 Dates TBD

Custom Cost: up to 8-hours
  • $505 @ 1:1
  • $315 @ 2:1
  • $280 @ 3:1
  • $240 @ 4:1

Cost: up to 10-hours
  • $600@ 1:1
  • $375@ 2:1

Cost: Grade IV and V
  • $900 1:1
  • $375 2:1

Cost Includes
Guide fee, guide's expenses, group climbing equipment and camping gear.
Cost Does Not Include
Transportation to/from the course area, personal food, personal climbing equipment, trailhead parking pass fees.

Client to Guide Ratio: 1:1 to 4:1

Registration: Online Registration

Expedition PDFs 

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We received a permit to guide in Red Rocks in 2018! This allows you to squeeze in a little more warm rock climbing before winter sets in. We were both examined as Rock guides in Red Rocks. The area is where most guides in the US receive their AMGA Rock guides training because it is likely the best moderate climbing area in the United States. Located on the edge Las Vegas, NV Red Rocks is a surprisingly wild feeling wilderness with a dense concentration of wonderful, complicated, and massive climbing routes.

We will both be guiding for the duration of our ten day program and will be recruiting other guides to help with what is always a very popular program. Whatever your rock climbing interest focuses on, Red Rocks can accommodate you. The area is home to some of the country's best single pitch crack and sport climbs, as well as a mecca for multi-pitch classics. Pricing is based on the length of climb that you select.

What makes Red Rocks so unusual is the quality of the sandstone found here. The rock is unusually featured and strong for sandstone. This allows us to get up on walls that would be unclimbable elsewhere in the desert. This is one of very few places we have encountered where you can climb 6 to 8 pitch 5.6 to 5.9 routes where every pitch is close to the crux grade, yet consistent, fun, and rewarding.

In addition to the quality of the climbing you will find that Las Vegas has a remarkable density of great food, affordable hotels, and inexpensive car rentals. One of the most popular vacation cities in North America, Vegas is also one of the easiest cities to fly to. We hope that you will join us for this remarkable opportunity to sample the best moderate rock climbing we have found to date.

Red Rocks Climbing Programs - Moderate Routes 

*note, these route lists are not complete, they just give you an idea of the range of options available at a spot as immense as Red Rocks.
  • Solar Slab Gulley (5.3 - 5P) - Oak Creek Canyon
  • Cat in the hat (5.6 - 5P) - Pine Creek Canyon
  • Solar Slab (5.6 - 9P) - Oak Creek Canyon
  • Johnny Vegas (5.7 - 4P) - Oak Creek Canyon
  • Olive Oil (5.7 - 7P) - Juniper Canyon
  • Geronimo (5.7 - 5P) - Juniper Canyon
  • Tunnel Vision (5.7 - 6P) Angel Food Wall
  • Group Therapy (5.7 - 6P) Angel Food Wall

Red Rocks Climbing Programs - Advanced Routes 

  • The Great Red Book (5.8 - 2P) Calico Hills
  • Dark Shadows (5.8 - 4P) - Pine Creek Canyon
  • Varnishing Point (5.8+ - 2P) - Pine Creek Canyon
  • Community Pillar (5.9 - 7P) - Pine Creek Canyon
  • Crimson Crysalis (5.8 - 9P) - Juniper Canyon
  • Ginger Cracks (5.9 - 7P) - Juniper Canyon
  • Beulah's Book (5.9- - 4P) - Oak Creek Canyon
  • Black Orpheus (5.10a - 11P) Black Orpheus Wall
  • Frogland (5.8 - 6P) Black Velvet Canyon
  • Dream of Wild Turkeys (5.10a - 11P) - Black Velvet Canyon

Red Rocks Climbing Programs - Difficult Routes 

  • Epinephrine (5.9 - 18P)
  • Sour Mash (5.10a - 7P) - Black Velvet Canyon
  • The Gobbler (5.10a - 3P) - Black Velvet Canyon
  • Y2K (5.10b - 4P) Pine Creek Canyon

Red Rocks Climbing Programs - Single Pitch Sport Areas 

The Gallery - Second Pullout 

  • Sport Climbing in Neither (5.8)
  • Buck's Muscle World (5.9)
  • Gelatin Pooch (5.10a)
  • Pump first, pay later (5.10b)
  • Running Amuck (5.10c)
  • Range of Motion (5.10d)
  • Gridlock (5.11b)

Magic Bus - Second Pullout 

  • Neon Sunset (5.8)
  • Blonde Dwarf (5.9)
  • Electric Koolaid (5.9)

Red Rocks Climbing Programs - Single Pitch Trad Areas 

Ragged Edges Area - Willow Spring 

  • Tonto (5.5)
  • Ragged Edges (5.8)
  • Black Track (5.9)
  • Left Out (5.10d)

Brass Wall - Pine Creek Canyon  

  • Heavy Spider Karma (5.6)
  • Sniveler (5.6)
  • Topless Twins (5.9)
  • Straight Shooter (5.9+)

Alcohol Wall - First Creek Canyon 

  • Romper Room (5.7)
  • Doobie Dance (5.6)

Accommodations at Red Rocks 

We will have a group campsite reserved out near the park for those that do not want the additional expense of an hotel. If you would like to stay at a hotel we would recommend either the Red Rock Casino and Resort (spendy, but lavish), the Suncoast if you are looking for a better price, or the La Quinta on West Sahara if you just want quiet and value. There are dozens of other options in all price ranges if these four options are not what you are looking for. We recommend trying to stay on the West side of town as these places are closest to the park.


No previous climbing experience is required to climb with us at Red Rocks. For those interested in doing longer, more complicated routes, you will need to arrive with previous multi-pitch experience for the biggest routes, or willing to undergo a few days training prior to tackling a long classic route.


To register for this course you should complete our domestic climbing application and return it to the Northwest Mountain School office. You can secure your course with a credit card by phone, but we must then obtain your completed application within 7 days. Feel free to call us at 509-548-5823 to discuss the trip. More registration details here.